Grinding and Graining

grinderDMSI performs close tolerance grinding within tenths of one thousandths of an inch and achieves it on large mass material.  We are even capable of performing this close tolerance work on both sides of the material simultaneously, saving you time and money.

We have Blanchard grinders and Mattison reciprocating grinders that take on stock as massive as 30” x 30” x 240”.  Our 250 hp Blanchard grinder handles stock as large as 100” in diameter and 48” in length.  All our grinders remove stock while maintaining close tolerances, thus reducing or eliminating the cost of milling and lathe operations.




grainerIf you require a polished surface, we have machines that can reach up to a #4 finish (typical) on material 8" high x 52" wide x 240" long. We can produce an even smoother finish upon request.






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