5-axis routerDMSI's 5-axis fixed table CNC router is a computer-controlled machine for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastic, and foam. It can accommodate projects up to 60" x 120" x 288", allowing us to create anything from the smallest part to a massive model. Our multi-purpose router is designed particularly for aerospace and composite applications utilizing large, heavy fixtures.

DMSI's router produces consistent high-quality work that can be repeated without re-programming. Our router customers include building contractors, architects, sculptors, amusement parks, aerospace, and energy specialists.

Materials that can be routered include:

  • wood
  • plastic
  • foam
  • aluminum
  • bronze
  • glass
  • vinyl
  • acrylic

Click here to watch our 5-axis router create a bust of Christ

Click here to watch our 5-axis router cut a much larger part

Applications include:

  • cabinet making
  • aerospace
  • boat making
  • door carvings
  • table routerinterior and exterior decorations
  • wood panels
  • sign boards
  • wooden frames
  • moldings
  • musical instruments
  • furniture
  • cement molds


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